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includeHTML FAQ

includeHTML FAQ

Updated 2002-03-19


When I run the setup.exe from the zip file on your webs site http://rosenlundnielsen.dk/software/, I just get the standalone program, no DLL.


It is the includehtml_HKPlugin.exe (in version 3.2 it is includehtml.exe) file that you must install as the plugin. Just type includehtml_HKPlugin.exe or *.exe in the file name field of the "Select plugin to install" dialogue, press Enter and proceed from there.

Even better is it (from version 4) just to let the setup program install the plugin - this is the default option

Actually, from version 4 there is a DLL, but this is not the plugin.


I just downloaded and installed includeHTML as a plugin for HTML-kit and there is no reference to includeHTML in my menu tabs or any where else within HTML-kit.

Did I install it wrong? Is this a bug? The stand alone works fine but I can't access includeHTML from HTML-Kit.


After installing includeHTML as a stand-alone application, you install it as a plugin by following this procedure:

In HTML-Kit, select the menu item "Tools Install | Plugin"

It is the includehtml_HKPlugin.exe file (in version 3.2 it is includehtml.exe) that you must install as the plugin. Just type includehtml.exe_HKPlugin or *.exe in the file name field of the "Select plugin to install" dialogue, press Enter and proceed from there.

HTML-Kit must be restarted in order to register the plugin. If no includeHTML tab shows in the action bar, and there is no includeHTML submenu in the Actions menu, verify that the includehtml.exe executable is properly placed in the HTML-Kit plugins folder (typically \program files\chami\html-kit\plugins). If it is there, it may help to clear the plugins cache in HTML-Kit by selecting "Tools | Install | Clear plugins cache"


Am I missing something here? I do the following:

Open a file in HTML-kit
Insert filename in tag
Save file

Nothing happens - tag is completely ignored.

If I invoke insert file, the output window displays the file with the inserted text. But it won't work otherwise in preview or the browser.


After using "Insert files", with fairly standard HTML-Kit preferences settings you will see the resulting HTML-file in the output window. You then move the output window contents to the editor window (in the toolbar there is a yellow left arrow, which does this). Alternatively, you can use Actions / includeHTML / Insert files / Overwrite editor window or Actions / includeHTML / Do-It-All insert to do all of this in one step. You save the resulting file you now have in the editor window - this is what you should publish to the web site.

As includeHTML is working now, nothing happens automatically when you select preview, but I will consider adding the functionality to insert files and preview result in one step.


I was looking for a *real* include solution. This is still somewhat useful, though I still have to touch every file to edit redundant text.


If you run includeHTML as a stand-alone application, you can easily update several files at once. You can also save a list of the files, you want to process, for repeated processing.

If you want dynamic inclusion, I suggest using server-side includes or something similar (e.g. using PHP). You can always run a webserver locally, so you will see the same locally as at your website.


I got a Yellow Warning message "Component 'comdlg32.ocx' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid

If you have any ideas on what is wrong please let me know


This was a problem in version 3.2, but in version 4, all needed files (except for VB run-time library files and MSXML) are included. You are recommended to move from version 3.2 to 4.

The problem is caused by comdlg32.ocx missing from in your configuration - for your benefit, it has been included in comdlg32.zip in the includehtml320.zip file.

You have to register comdlg32.ocx with the operating system. Copy comdlg32.ocx to c:\windows\system (or c:\winnt\system32), and then (to register) select Start|Run and enter "regsvr32.exe c:\windows\system\comdlg32.ocx" (or "regsvr32.exe c:\winnt\system32\comdlg32.ocx") without the quotation marks.

Do you still have questions? Write to includehtml AT rosenlundnielsen . net

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