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PC tools for Palm OS PDAs


ppCopy is a pc-based tool for people who create and change documents and databases on a Palm, and want easily to copy the corresponding .pdb/.prc files from the backup folder to other folders for processing on the pc (e.g. further editing, conversion or distribution).

The Quick fill feature makes it very easy to select the .pdb/.prc files to copy.
For each known filetype a default target folder can be set up, but the target can also be decided at run-time.

ppCopy can be used interactively or as a command line utility.

Please read the instructions before installing ppCopy, just to be sure that your pc fulfills the requirements for ppCopy.



(Please see the software licensing terms)

(ppCopy is distributed without Visual Basic 6.0 run-time library, which must be downloaded separately, e.g. from Microsoft. See the instructions for more details)

Toggle COM port user

I hate using the mouse all the time - and it irritates me that I have to use the mouse every time I want to switch between HotSync Manager and HyperTerminal (- and to switch is necessary, since both occupies the serial port).

The solution is a small AutoIt script converted into a small executable program, for which I have assigned the shortcut keycombination <CTRL>+<WINDOWS>+K using WinKey

Now, all I have to do is to make sure the Palm is in the craddle (where it sits most of the time), activate KeyZ on the Palm (done with a single swipe) and press <CTRL>+<WINDOWS>+K. This closes HotSync manager and starts HyperTerminal with the right profile, so I can just type away.
Before HotSyncing, I just press <CTRL>+<WINDOWS>+K once more.

Download my script here: Toggle_Com_Port_app.zip (Size: 32 KB)

To get the script to work, you may have to change one or more of these value settings in the file "Toggle Com Port app.aut"

SetEnv, hypertermwindow, Palm V med dansk keyboard COM1 - HyperTerminal
SetEnv, hypertermapppath, C:\\Program Files\\Accessories\\HyperTerminal\\HyperTrm.exe
SetEnv, hypertermprofile, C:\\Data\\PCsetupPalm\\Palm V med dansk keyboard COM1.ht
SetEnv, hotsyncmgrpath, c:\\palm\\hotsync.exe

Notice that you need AutoIt installed to execute the script directly or to convert it to a .exe file (and you may probably want to do so, since I doubt that your set-up is exactly like mine). Remember to use double backslashes in the paths in AutoIt scripts!

KeyZ profile for HyperTerminal

This is a HyperTerminal file, which contains key mappings appropriate for KeyZ.

All the key mappings are described here. Since I am from Denmark, I have included mappings for international characters like æøåÆØÅ. However, to be able to enter an Ø through KeyZ, it is necessary to create a shortcut named "oe" with value "Ø" on the Palm. To be able to enter a tab character, create a shortcut named "tab" with a tab character as the value.

shortcut_oe shortcut_tab

Download: PalmV_COM1_DK_keyboard.zip (Size: 6 KB)
(Requires HyperTerminal Private Edition 5 or 6)

There is a lot of good freeware available for the Palm (and for the PC, helping to use the Palm much better).

A good source (if not the best) is PalmGear H.Q.


For some good advice about inputting data on the Palm, visit www.jimthompson.net

This page also contains an explanation of how to set up KeyZ.


You can use the PC keyboard to input text (and even choose menu items and press buttons) on your Palm. The KeyZ hack enables this.

Find it here: www.inkverse.com/keyz.html

Do not be confused by the fact that the web pages mention version 1.0.3 as the latest (and final) version. The version offered for download is in fact 1.0.6, and this includes support for escape sequences, so you can do the same from a terminal emulator as from a Newton keyboard.


For KeyZ to be of any value, you must have a good terminal emulator with customizable keyboard.

HyperTerminal Private Edition from Hilgraeve is a good choice, especially since it is free of charge. It is a enhanced version of the HyperTerminal program coming with Windows 95/98.

Find it here: www.hilgraeve.com

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