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2001-03-23 · hkPreview updated with reuse of browser windows
2001-03-13 · New plugin for HTML-Kit: hkPreview

hkPreview version 1.1.0

This is a plugin for HTML-Kit, inspired by a posting from Chami on the newsgroup chami.public.htmlkit.misc.

The hkPreview plugin resides in the Tools section of the action bar in HTML-Kit. There is a menu item for each of the browser in the browser list. When you run the plugin, the currently edited file is saved as a temporary file (named _{{jrn_hkPreview}}_ plus the original file extension) in the same folder as the original file. The temporary file is then opened using the selected browser, using server mappings if you have defined any. I use this myself in a setup with an Apache webserver running on my local machine.

A tip: Define a keyboard shortcut to the action "Tools > Save tmp and preview" (I have used Alt+0 myself).

Version 1.1.0 adds

  • DDE communication, which means that browser windows can be reused
  • A check if the browser list in the HTML-Kit preferences has changed, in which case the plugins cache must be rebuilt

Current version (jrn_hkPreview_v110.zip, 13 KB)

Previous version (jrn_hkPreview_v100.zip, 11 KB) (Without DDE interaction with browsers, which means that a new browser is started every time)

(Please see the software licensing terms)

hkPreview is distributed without Visual Basic 6.0 run-time library, which must be downloaded separately, e.g. from Microsoft. Chances are that you already have the library installed.

Try this software from rosenlundnielsen

You can use includeHTML e.g. to create effects similar to server side includes at the time of editing.
includeHTML can run either as a stand-alone GUI application, as a command line application, or as a HTML-Kit plugin

With Make-a-Filelist it takes just four easy steps to create a filename list, a table with image tags or another filebased listing or table. Make-a-Filelist can run stand-alone or as a HTML-Kit plugin.

hkFavorites makes it possible to manage desktop files in HTML-Kit, and adds Favorite Documents functionality to HTML-Kit.

CreateHKDesktop is a small utility for creating HTML-Kit Desktop files. Visual Basic source code is available for the curious ones.

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