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includeHTML version 4

2005-11-10 · A new tutorial and FAQs at rosenlundnielsen.dk/Interim/IncludeHTML
2001-03-18 · Update - includeHTML version 4.0.133 released
2001-03-02 · includeHTML version 4.0 released
2001-12-17 · includeHTML version 4.0 Beta available

includeHTML — version 4.0.133

Here is the newest version of includeHTML. Version 4.0.133 contains these changes:

  • Support for network paths and paths from root of drive of document now supported in file attribute
  • Corrected example of <value> tags in documentation - prefix ih: was missing
  • Cosmetic change to About box

includeHTML is a HTML file preprocessor that processes instructions - includeHTML tags embedded in HTML comment tags - and inserts / updates the original file.

includeHTML will replace entire blocks of HTML code. You write a start and an end tag in your HTML, and everything between the two tags is then replaced with the content of a text file or a snippet in an XML snippet collection file specified in the start tag. You can put as many sets of includeHTML tags in the same HTML file as you want. The file path can be absolute or relative.
ih:catalog and ih:a
You can mark words or whole sentences as key text. includeHTML will look up the keys in an XML link collection file, find the matching anchor tags and insert them around the text in the web document.
This is especially good if you want to write the full anchor tag with all its attributes only once (in the link collection), but will use it in many places.
You can have the current date inserted / updated in a format defined by you.
E.g. headings can be numbered in up to four levels.

The tags used by includeHTML are ignored by browsers, so they can remain in the code, thus making it possible to update whenever something changes in the included files.

includeHTML can be used as a HTML-Kit plugin, interactively or as a command line utility.

There is a multiple files support in the stand-alone version of includeHTML. You can create a list of files and process them all in a single run. File lists can be saved in .ini files and reused, and can also be used as input files when using includeHTML as command line tool.

You can make a recursive search for files to process, by giving the base folder, filename pattern (e.g. *.htm*;*.php*), and depth of search.

The help pages gives more detailed descriptions of the features of includeHTML. The FAQ answers some typical questions.


Download: Current version (includehtml_v4_00_0133.zip, 1,30 MB)

(Please see the software licensing terms)


includeHTML is distributed without Visual Basic 6.0 run-time library, which must be downloaded separately, e.g. from Microsoft. The setup program detects itself if the runtime files are installed - if not, it will attempt to download them from Microsoft.

Microsoft XML 2.x library (MSXML.DLL) must be installed (normally installed because it is part of Internet Explorer and/or the operating system). If you do miss this dll, you can download MSXML 2.5 SP1 from Microsoft. The setup program detects if MSXML is installed.

More information

The help pages gives more detailed descriptions of the features of includeHTML. The FAQ answers some typical questions.

Try this software from rosenlundnielsen

You can use includeHTML e.g. to create effects similar to server side includes at the time of editing.
includeHTML can run either as a stand-alone GUI application, as a command line application, or as a HTML-Kit plugin

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hkFavorites makes it possible to manage desktop files in HTML-Kit, and adds Favorite Documents functionality to HTML-Kit.

CreateHKDesktop is a small utility for creating HTML-Kit Desktop files. Visual Basic source code is available for the curious ones.

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