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On this page: includeHTML version 3.2.0 

Old version: includeHTML

2002-03-02 · includeHTML version 4.0 available - recommended over version 3.2.0
2001-04-10 · Missing comdlg32.ocx when running includeHTML? See the FAQ
2001-03-01 · includeHTML 3.2.0 improves HTML-Kit editing

includeHTML version 3.2.0

Notice that version 4 is recommended over this version

includeHTML will replace entire blocks of HTML code. You write a start and an end tag in your HTML, and everything between the two tags is then replaced with the content of a file specified in the start tag. You can put as many sets of includeHTML tags in the same HTML file as you want. The file path can be absolute or relative.

You can mark words or whole sentences as key text. includeHTML will look up the keys in a text file, find the matching anchor tags and insert them around the key text in the web document.
This is especially good if you want to write the full anchor tag with all its attributes only once (in the text file), but will use it in many places. See an example of the anchor insertion here

You process several files in a single run by adding them to a file list. File lists can be modified, saved and read back. Recursive file search can be used when building file lists.

The includeHTML tags are ignored by browsers, so they can remain in the code, thus making it possible to update whenever something changes in the included files.

includeHTML can be used as a HTML-Kit plugin, interactively or as a command line utility.

In version 3.2.0, all changes are extensions to the HTML-Kit plugin functionality:

button-insertall.gif (1K)  The "Do-It-All insert" updates the full document directly in the editor window with respect to both included files and anchors. Files are inserted first, then are anchors updated.

button-tag.gif (1K)  "Insert tags" is extended with the menu item "<!--includehtml--> tag + save in file". If you use this, you will be prompted for the name of the file, into which the selection is to be saved. The selection is then wrapped with includeHTML tags.

button-newfile.gif (1K)  "Create file" opens a new anchor file in a new editor window.

button-openlinkedfile.gif (1K)  "Open linked file" opens the file in the 'file' attribute of the tag under the cursor.

The following tags are supported - read more here

<includeHTML file=""> ... </includeHTML>
<!--includeHTML file=""--> ... <!--/includeHTML-->
<!--catalogue file=""--> ... <!--/catalogue-->
<!--a--> ... <!--/a-->

This page is actually made using includeHTML - see here how (well .... in fact it is an old version of this page!)

Please read the instructions before installing includeHTML, just to be sure that your pc fulfills the requirements.


Version 4 of includeHTML is recommended over this version.
Download: includehtml320.zip (499 KB)

(Please see the software licensing terms)

includeHTML is distributed without Visual Basic 6.0 run-time library, which must be downloaded separately, e.g. from Microsoft. See the instructions for more details
You may be one of the people, who gets complaints about a missing comdlg32.ocx when running includeHTML. See the FAQ for description of how to fix this.
More information:
The readme for includeHTML gives more detailed descriptions of the features of includeHTML. The FAQ answers some typical questions.

UPDATE includeHTML version 4 is a new and more efficient version of includeHTML.

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